New model at $549


Dear Customers,

During past 3 years the covid lockdowns and supply chain problems bother us a lot. It made us extremely difficult to make unlimited custom guitars.

Back to that chaos period, we couldn't fulfill the orders within a normal lead time. Plus the mess of shipping service at that time, it gets even worse. I sincerely apologize to those customers who didn't get their custom guitars on time.

I also want to thank to the customers who pay great patience to support our work. They've waited for months and most of them are satisfied with the guitar finally. It's our greatest comfort to receive emails with positive confirmation during that time.

Now we decide to make no more than 6 guitars per month to ensure we can make and delivery high quality guitars on time. For some special custom features which might take extra time for us to make, we'll negotiate a longer lead time with you.

We've been improving the workshop for years so we're always making better instruments. Later this year we'll provide free trial service in the US and Canada.


Thank you for all the supports,
Yuguitar Team,