To all guitarists, guitar players and cusomters who love and support YuGuitar

Last year we started our new journey in a new workshop and got a very important luthier and partner who make really great guitars. The COVID-19 has strongly affected our original plan. And it’s still affecting us and the whole industry. With our painstaking efforts, we’ve basically overcomed all developing and trail&error processes to make guitars with better resonance and better sound performance. At the same time we also give an insight into the tonewood field, we’ve been storing and processing better tonewoods. Although we’ve devoted a lot of fund, time and efforts to the carrer, especially during the very speical and tough period, we think everything is worthwile. We want to apologize to all customers for the delayed guitars no matter it’s caused by the serious virus or our new standard. We send this notice to inform those who trust, support and love YuGuitar that we’ve almost passed the DARKEST HOUR. 

  And There’re several updates about the guitar(Previous orders still have the armrest on if it was required or included):


  1.1 We’ll remove the Armrest from Designer, Artist and Guitarist series to get a better bass resonance. 

  1.2 Bevel style armrest is removed. And there’s only 1 type of armrest: Laskin style

  1.3 Now we charge extra $50 USD for the armrest


  2.1 After many tests, we find the non-cutway guitar has the best resonance and performance. And it’s easier to deal with the making processes of a non-cutway guitar. If you don’t often play over 15th fret, we strongly recommend a non-cutway guitar. We’ll also set some relatively affordable non-cutway model in the near future.

  2.2 To make a cutway guitar good we have to spend more time and efforts on the tuning process and brace process. So we’ll charge extra $50 USD for round and sharp cutway.


  3.1 Inlays on most guitars have been updated to high-quality deep ocean abalone and motherpearl. Pictures can be checked via the instagram: yuguitarofficial

  3.2 For coming custom orders with special complex inlays, we’ll charge extra $50 to 100 USD to cover the augmented inlay cost


4.Tonewood and Structure

  4.1 All tonewoods we’re using now are in better quality and drying condition. We use a higher standard to pick tonewoods. The previous selecting grade is still valid. The current A+ is better than the previous A+, current 3A is better than previous 3A.

  4.2 For some tonewoods, we cancel the A+ option and leave a 3A option only

  4.3 Some new tonewoods are added, details will be available on the customshop page soon.

  4.4 All bracings are now Scalloped. Luthiers gradually remove the every surplus part of bracings by excellent top voicing. Each guitar tends to maximize its potential.

5. Price

  5.1 We’ve updated a lot, but we promise we won’t increase the price of Artist, Designer and Guitarist series (at least) till September 2021.

  5.2 Customers who have already received a yuguitar before can get a special discount. We can’t get such results today without your supports which are very essential at the beginning.


If you have any question, please contact our email:

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